My interest in photography began when I was 14 or 15 years old. My father was an amateur photographer and he let me use his Nikon S2, a camera that was manufactured in the 1950’s (and is still functional today).

Armed with the Nikon S2, I used a handheld light-meter and set the camera’s aperture and shutter for each shot based on the film speed and the light reading. Then, under the orange glow of the darkroom lights I produce my own black-and-white prints with an Omega enlarger and pungent Kodak chemicals. I always marveled watching the photos slowly appear in the first tray of chemicals. (There were three trays of chemicals: developer, stop bath, and fix).

When I was getting started, I spent a lot of time with The Amateur Photographer’s Handbook by Arron Sussman.  From this book, and some instruction from my dad, I learned the basics of how to compose images and capture light.

After owning a few different Nikon film cameras and expanding into color photography, I purchased a digital camera in 2005 (a Nikon D50). More recently, I upgraded to a Nikon D600. 

I enjoy photographing just about anything, but typically I photograph birds, landscapes, and old buildings.  Ultimately, the challenge and joy for me is to create engaging images from our everyday surroundings.